Sustainable education center: Innovative technologies and planning strategies for energy-efficient school buildings in Luxembourg

The ambitious goal for the new technical high school for health professions in Luxembourg was for the building to pay back the energy used for its construction and demolition during its lifetime. Therefore, not only an energy-efficient building envelope was required, but also an energy-optimized system for ventilating and heating the administration and training rooms.

To increase the planning security of the client, the EQUA Solutions AG The control system designed by Betic SA, as well as the dimensioning and interaction of all systems, was checked for functionality and operational safety using a simulation with IDA ICE, thus ensuring optimum operation.

The comprehensive building management system includes

  • demand-controlled and optional mechanical or natural ventilation of the classrooms via the corridors on each floor
  • a room-by-room, demand-controlled supply of fresh air from the corridors and heat from the central heat storage tank to the classrooms
  • a solar collector façade, which thanks to a 90 m3 heat accumulator in the stairwell supplies the building with heat even after several weeks of bad weather
  • a PV roof to power the heat pump for residual demand during the coldest weeks and to supply electricity to the grid

From the client's point of view (Administration for Public Buildings), the following economic and ecological added values resulted from the simulation study:

  • Encourage tight dimensioning of the individual components
  • Timely adjustments to the building structure for optimum natural ventilation
  • Checking the regulation as early as the project planning phase
  • Fast and optimizing commissioning

Based on an innovative concept, the pilot project of the State of Luxembourg is primarily beneficial to the user and, at the same time, to the community. The costs were comparable to a conventional building. Thanks to intelligent planning, construction and commissioning were completed much faster than the client was used to.

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