The association

When it comes to building simulation in Switzerland, we are the leading association. We are a platform and an interdisciplinary network for anyone interested in or using building simulation. Our members are active in various areas of construction, research and education.

Our vision is to fully exploit the potential of buildings and infrastructure to enable a climate and environmentally friendly future.

To this end, physical building simulations are to become established in Switzerland and become a standard planning tool.

Our mission

Digitalization is advancing rapidly and the construction industry is in a state of upheaval. We want to take advantage of this dynamic and demonstrate the potential of simulations to all professionals involved in construction. From a technical point of view, there are hardly any obstacles to the use of simulations, but there are still hurdles to overcome in terms of information, interdisciplinary cooperation and implementation. In order to sustainably establish simulations in the construction industry, quality assurance is required to ensure confidence in the calculations. We are committed to ensuring compliance with minimum standards and offer support to authorities, clients and planning offices in all matters relating to simulation.

We are committed to the dissemination of simulations by

  • Define quality standards and highlight examples of best practice.
  • develop the necessary tools to facilitate and simplify enforcement.
  • serve as a contact point for authorities, clients and technical experts.
  • Create knowledge and transparency among the various interest groups and thus strengthen confidence in simulations.
  • pool expert knowledge from the various companies and universities and network the specialist world.

Our values

We are a non-profit and independent association with members from a wide range of disciplines. We foster open communication, a lively feedback culture and promote a lively exchange of ideas among our association members. Transparency and independence are our core values. Our members have insight into the association's activities at all times and are encouraged to get involved. We are convinced that we can achieve our common goals through the knowledge and commitment of each individual member.

The Executive Board

The Management Board is composed as follows:

  • Andreas Witzig (President), ZHAW
  • Tizian Haussener, WaltGalmarini AG
  • David Akeret, Gruner AG
  • Sven Moosberger, EQUA Solutions AG
  • Andri Zakovorotnyi, HSLU
  • Claudia Bless, Abicht Zug AG
  • Moritz Zwahlen, EPRO ENGINEERING AG
  • Stefan Barp, AFC AG
  • Valentina Zanotto, Amstein + Walthert AG
  • Thomas Kuster, Kuster + Partner AG
  • Manuel Frey, Gruner AG