Innovative technology for Olma Hall 1: Efficient air conditioning and fire protection concept for St. Gallen's leading exhibition and event hall

With the new Olma Hall 1, the largest column-free hall in Eastern Switzerland, St. Gallen and the entire region will become the number one exhibition, event and congress center. AFC AG supported the development of the integral overall building climate concept and the property-related fire protection and smoke extraction concept by means of simulations and conceptual know-how.

The aim was to achieve a lean technical effort while avoiding oversizing by ensuring that the systems meet, but do not exceed, the actual requirements. To quantify which values are to be expected in which scenario, simulations are required that take into account the WITHOUTHIN elements. OHNEHIN elements are conditions that are present anyway and have a favorable influence on the required technical or structural effort.

For example, the hall volume is a WITHOUT element, i.e. a very large air reservoir that is already present. A transient analysis in the thermal building simulation shows that this buffer volume means that the air quality is very good over a long period of time, even if the ventilation is not designed for this maximum number of people.

In fire protection, for example, the height of the hall is also an OHNEHIN element that has an influence on the effective temperatures to be expected at a component. These temperatures can be determined using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), taking into account the actual room geometry and the actual fire loads to be expected.

The simulations resulted in the following added value for the client:

  • Reduction of the mechanical air volume flow of over 40% compared to standard planning
  • Reduction of the fire protection requirement for the glazing in the ceiling area of the foyer on a total area of 9,600 m2
  • A cost saving of around CHF 2 million!