General meeting #3

The round is getting bigger and bigger! 🚀 🤗

The third general meeting was held on Wednesday, 22.05.2024. We were delighted by the lively participation of our members and were also able to welcome two guests. The room was filled to capacity. The atmosphere was good and there were lively discussions on various topics.

The focus was on the following topics:

  • Review of Swissbau 2024
  • Outlook on the topic of quality assurance
    (Expert list, checklists, tools)
  • News on the SFOE project
  • Outlook on lobbying
    (market analysis)
  • Outlook on the topic of marketing
    (Website, LinkedIn, Success Stories)
  • Issue TEC21 with focus on building simulations
    (contributions, advertising)
  • Events 2024/2025
  • REAL ESTATE (GSS opportunities and strategy)

Many thanks to all participants!

Andreas Witzig Moritz Zwahlen Andrii Zakovorotnyi Manuel Frey David Akeret Daniel Sigg Angela Krainer Franziska Schranz Andreas Schuler Stefan Barp Michael Reuteler Patrick Walczak Toni Calabrese Christian Del Taglia Marcus Knapp Iwan Plüss Ananthan Logeswaran Christoph Stettler Daniel Wyss Jörg Linden Flavio Foradini Tizian Haussener Peter H. Forrer William Logie Thomas Kuster Valentina Zanotto Pino Hegi Jonas Landolt Claudia Bless Florian Dill Sven Moosberger