General meeting #2

The second general meeting was once again a complete success! On Friday morning, November 3, 2023, all members were brought up to date and the next steps were discussed.

The focus was on the following topics:
- Future services from the association
- Website innovations, including integrated forum for members
- Marketing and events 2024, including Swissbau in January

The active participation of the members with many valuable inputs and the exchange during the subsequent aperitif riche were particularly pleasing.

Many thanks to all participants!

Andreas Witzig, Alain Aerni, David Akeret, Stefan Barp, Claudia Bless, Fabian Brütsch, Christian Del Taglia, Tobias Eckert, Flavio Foradini, Manuel Frey, Samuel F. Fux, Tizian Haussener, Angela Krainer, Thomas Kuster, Sarah Legknecht, Sven Moosberger, Christoph Stettler, Dimitri von Gunten, Markus Widmer, Andrii Zakovorotnyi, Moritz Zwahlen, Peter H. Forrer, Ananthan Logeswaran