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The Swiss Building Simulation Association and its members are committed to climate-friendly and resource-efficient construction and operation of buildings and infrastructures. Our membership is aimed at active experts in the field of simulation and passive patrons who wish to support our cause. Admission takes place upon application and examination by the active members.

    Membership conditions

    Membership fees

    The annual membership fees for professionals are made up of company membership and individual membership.

    • Corporate membership: 1200 CHF/year
    • Personal membership: CHF 600/year

    The amount of the contributions to be paid depends on the date of entry:

    • until June 30 of the year full contribution    
    • from July 1 of the year pro rata contribution   
    • from September 1 of the year pro rata contribution incl. contribution for the following year

    Recording procedure

    The proposal for admission is made by the Board of Directors on the basis of the membership application submitted. Members may be provisionally admitted during the year by resolution of the Executive Board. The final admission of members takes place by resolution of the general meeting of the association.

    Privacy policy

    We adhere to the general principles of the Data Protection Act (DSG / DSGVO) and only collect data that is required to fulfill the tasks of the association. Only the member data that is actually necessary to achieve the intended purpose is processed. All association members will be informed of any changes to the data protection guidelines. By becoming a member of the Swiss Building Simulation Association, you acknowledge the following privacy policy.

    What data is collected and for what purpose? Who has access to the data?

    The following data is required for the admission process for new members and for administrative purposes such as invoicing and contacting:

    • Surname and first name of the person
    • Employer name
    • Name and address of the company or, in the case of a private individual, the address of the place of residence*
    • E-mail address (company and/or private)*
    • Telephone number (company and/or private)*
    • Information on education / qualification*
    • Information on professional experience*

    *Only the Executive Board and the Secretariat have access to the aforementioned data.

    Association members can play an active role in the association and contribute to marketing, lobbying and quality assurance, for example. The following data is required for members applying for inclusion in the list of experts:

    • What expertise is available
    • What software experience is available

    All members of the Quality Assurance Team and the Association's Executive Board have access to the aforementioned data. The aforementioned data may be passed on to third parties outside the association in order to fulfill the purposes of the association (e.g. for the provision of experts). To this end, the members concerned are granted the right to object, subject to prior notification of the recipient and the purpose of the disclosure.

    Where the data is stored

    We store all member data in Microsoft 365, which complies with the European data protection law of the GDPR.

    More information can be found at:

    Disclosure of member data within the association

    The basic rule is that only those data about association members may be processed or disclosed that are absolutely necessary for the processing of the association's purposes.

    Disclosure of data to third parties outside the association

    No member data other than that described in this document will be passed on to third parties without the consent of the members, unless it is permitted or required by law (e.g. disclosure in criminal proceedings).

    Publication on the Internet

    Our Swiss Building Simulation Association is mainly financed by member contributions and operates independently. Transparent communication is important to us. All association members can register online at can be viewed. The following data is passed on to third parties for this purpose:

    • Surname and first name of the person
    • Company

    The published information is accessible worldwide and can be searched for. Deleting your data (e.g. after leaving the association) on does not guarantee that this data is no longer on the Internet. Further information on the risks can be found here:

    Right to information and other legal rights of data subjects

    Members may prohibit the disclosure of their personal data (right to block) or partially or fully revoke consent once given at any time. According to the Data Protection Act, every person (or their legal representative) has the right to request information from the owner of a data collection as to whether and what data about them is being processed.

    May 2023