Innovative ventilation strategies for parking garages: cost savings through CFD simulations

Medium-sized and large garages need a sufficient exchange of fresh air so that the concentrations of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides do not become dangerously high. With the help of a flow simulation (CFD), the distribution of these particles can be tracked, analyzed and optimized.

Using the example of a project by EPRO ENGINEERING can show that a detailed investigation of a large garage can be well worthwhile. The starting point was a classic solution with a mechanical supply and exhaust air system. With the help of CFD simulation in the SimScale software (OpenFOAM backend), it was possible to show that the supply air system can be dispensed with if air shafts for the secondary air flow are positioned in a targeted manner. It was also possible to optimize the distribution of the exhaust air ducts.
The simulation study resulted in the following added value for the client:

  • Savings in investment costs of around CHF 50,000 (more than double the simulation study)
  • Saving space and resources
  • Reduction in maintenance and operating costs